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New Era Properties owns and manages a small portfolio of commercial and residential properties in the Congress Heights and Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Washington, DC.  Founder Andre Byers has worked in various government and nonprofit positions focused on the regeneration of underserved neighborhoods utilizing real estate as an economic development tool.  He combined those experiences and know-how with a forward-thinking determination to create New Era Properties.


An example of Byers' solution-driven work is a Temporary Urbanism & Micro-Retail project he conceived for Howard University.  Seeking to enhance the University's built environment with an attractive project that increases foot traffic while also providing affordable retail space and technical assistance for local entrepreneurs, MOORE'S MAKERS MARKET was proposed. 

Using modular shipping containers, the project, as conceived, is able to be moderately priced and mobile.  This combination allows for the project to offer aesthetically-appealing retail space at affordable prices but also allow for their removal when Howard University is ready for its long-term, vertical development.  After priming Howard University's neighboring community for coming development, the project can then be moved and installed in the next underserved neighborhood that is in need of retail priming. 

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